• Tina Sharaby


    Tina, the powerhouse behind Plush Beauty, has steered her business over the last decade from a half-rented hair salon to owning four storefronts and a thriving beauty school. With a proven business concept under her belt, her current passion lies in mentoring and coaching fellow beauty professionals.
    Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned veteran, Tina's overflowing with patience, invaluable insights, and savvy tips to propel you towards a future of financial freedom and success.
    If you're ready to level up, dive in below to spark your journey with a business consultation call and let's ignite your path to prosperity!

  • Cassie McNeal

    Master PMU/ Tiny Tattoo Instructor

    Cassie is a highly skilled and experienced permanent makeup artist and trainer with over 10 years in the beauty industry. She's renowned for her comprehensive training curriculum covering various aspects of permanent makeup and her commitment to using high-quality products. Additionally, she offers permanent makeup services to clients and stays updated on industry trends. If you're aspiring to become a permanent makeup artist or enhance your skills, Cassie's expertise and dedication make her the ideal trainer for a successful career.

  • Nicole Rhine

    Master Speed Waxing Instructor

    Hi! I'm Nicole Rhine, an experienced esthetician with 10 years in the industry, based in Columbus, Ohio. My passion for waxing began during my time in Esthetics School, where I noticed a lack of advanced knowledge and training for professionals. Since 2013, I've been involved in salon staff training and have been providing continuing education to licensed professionals since 2018. My extensive experience in both education and salon work has equipped me to impart knowledge from real-life service room scenarios, offering confidence and expertise to both professionals and clients. I'm excited to help instill confidence in you and your service room!

  • Blake VanKirk

    Master Lash Extensions Instructor

    Blake, an accomplished esthetician with six years of expertise, specializes in lash extensions, utilizing premium products to craft adaptable looks tailored to each client. She provides comprehensive volume lash training suitable for all experience levels, aimed at enhancing lash skills and fostering confidence and success in one's professional endeavors.

  • Cheyanne Burroughs

    Permanent Jewelry Instructor

    Hi I’m Cheyanne! Originally from Maryland, I made the leap to Columbus in pursuit of my ballet dreams back in 2018. But when the pandemic shook things up, I decided to go a whole new direction.

    That's when I dove headfirst into the world of esthetics and never looked back! I specialize in everything from facials to lashes, and of course, dazzling permanent jewelry.

    Now, as I celebrate my third year as a licensed esthetician, I'm bursting with excitement to share my passion as a permanent jewelry instructor! Join me on this exhilarating journey as we explore the artistry of permanent jewelry together!

  • Cierra Cunningham

    Academy Manager

    For the last 5 years, Cierra has been a part of the Plush Beauty family, starting at Plush Beauty Salon as a front desk supervisor. Her passion for the beauty industry is remarkable as she not only grew to manage but played a pivotal role in developing Plush Beauty Salon.

    Fast forward to today, Cierra has embraced a new role-helping develop and manage Plush Beauty Academy! As the go-to person for all Plush students, she not only manages the academy but also plays a crucial role in helping aspiring beauty professionals enroll in classes.

    Hey There! I've been navigating the beauty industry for the last 8 years, specializing in sales and creating successful business & marketing strategies. I'm excited to share my proven growth strategies with you this year to stay booked and busy all 2024!

    Let's elevate your beauty career together!

    -Cierra xoxo

    Her dedication to empowering and guiding students is unmatched, and her years of experience in sales and business strategies will keep you ahead in the beauty



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