Training and coaching on cutting-edge techniques and in-demand beauty services


Our mission is to teach you more than just how to perform a service. We are dedicated to providing you with state of the art learning material, mentorship on being the best in the industry and guidance throughout your beauty journey!

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Training and coaching on cutting-edge techniques and in-demand beauty services.

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“Honestly, Christina was really good. I’ve had other training, but I left feeling very nervous and scared to touch clients' skin. In this class, Christina hands it all over to you as a student. It’s super scary at first, but the trust and motivation she gives makes for way more confident students. I left feeling really great about my ability to work on lips right out of “school”

-Stephanie F.

“I enjoyed learning how to map the lips better and how to go under the eyes with the hyaluron pen.”

-Briana H.

“I do feel more confident after Christina sat with me to isolate and create more fans this afternoon. This morning I was more frustrated”

-Julia D.

“Other than learning lash extensions, I enjoyed the personality of the instructors. They were easy to talk to and relatable”

-Alissa H.

“I enjoyed the one on one attention, corrections with encouragement and how in-depth/detailed the course was.”

-Nicole R.

“I recently took a powder brow course here and absolutely loved it! The class sizes are very small so you get a ton of one on one training/attention. Lots of hands-on practice. Appreciated how organized and professional it was. Tina is patient, helpful and so knowledgeable. I was extremely nervous going into the class, but after I left I felt confident and excited!”

-Jenna D

“This training was way more than I expected! The tips and tricks, how to keep lashes healthy, retention, eye styles, and corrections... Amazing detail!”


“My trainer was willing to stop and reiterate when I didn't understand something.”

-Leslie L.

“I really like that we learned tricks that some artists let you figure out on your own, I felt far more advanced because of the advice.”

-Chelsea N.

“Very professional, great explanations!”

-Maddie K.

“I have taken 3 classes at Plush (eye liner, lip blush, and hyaluron pen) and have loved them all. They all came with lots of valuable information and kits with enough supplies to get my business started. Tina is also a great resource after you’re done with your class. She welcomes questions because she cares and wants to see her former students succeed!”

-Talia M.