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Coaching Call with Tina

Coaching Call with Tina

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Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Tina!

A virtual consultation is a great place to start for babes who are ready to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey! Unlock the secrets of success: Schedule a consultation call with Tina, a 10-year beauty industry entrepreneur. Following your booking, you will receive a form to provide details about how she can assist you.

Your virtual consult with be Via Phone Call. Appointment Length: 30 Minutes ⏰

✨ How Tina can help you...

↪Develop your business model

↪Create a business plan

↪Revamped your business identity 

↪Assistance in filing your LLC/ Register your domain 

↪Research storefront options

↪Website development

↪Logo and branding

↪Service pricing and membership program

↪Client and employee documents and forms

↪Interior design

↪Salon software programing

↪Ongoing one-on-one business advice for 30 days after completion of project!

✨ Tina's achievements and milestones ...

✔ Opened her first retail store at the age of 23, right after receiving her license

✔ Purchased her first house at the age of 24 

✔ Had a net worth of over 6 figures by the age of 27

✔ Generated her first million in sales by the age of 30

✔ Has owned 4 salons and a beauty academy (currently owns 3 salons and an academy, sold the first salon just before covid-phew)

✔ Has a team of 28 service providers

✔Has trained, coached and mentored over 100+ individuals

✨ How to prepare for your consultation 




Schedule a consultation call with Tina and get her e-book, "The Road to Financial Freedom," at a 50% discount! 

Gain access to 42 information-rich pages overflowing with expert-proven strategies 📖

Are you prepared to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship and establish a robust strategy for financial freedom? Schedule your call today!

Your Beauty Career Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter...

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